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Prevention comes in many different packages:

Creating a comfortable environment with an easy to use, effective home security system should be a simple process. We've developed a locking system that is unlike any deadbolt, chain or slide bar lock on the market. Our patented floor-door locking system can withstand over 5000 pounds of direct force making it next to impossible to break through. The user friendly design can be used for family homes, apartments and commercial buildings.

One of the greatest features of the Sure-Lock Door Security System is, it will allow you to safely open the door 1 ½" to view visitors while the lock is engaged. This also allows alarm activation without entry.

The police are doing the best possible job they can, but they simply cannot prevent a forced entry or home invasion. It's up to you to educate or equip yourself with a necessary prevention method.

Always be Safe with Sure-Lock

The SureLock team are working hand in hand with Block Watch, Crime Stoppers and Police agencies across North America to help protect you and to make your home a safer place to live.

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You can help by reporting any suspicious activities to your local police department and by providing yourself and your family with the best possible locking protection on the market.

The Sure-Lock Videos

See how easy it is to use the Sure-Lock
and what it will withstand.

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Never open your door without Sure-Lock

Sure-Lock provides maximum protection for you and your family without compromising your safety.

Don't Be Caught Off Guard!
Sure-Lock Homes Defense System will give you and your family peace of mind, morning, noon and night.