sure lock

Mission Statement

Our innovative, high quality floor / door locking system is designed to provide the highest level of personal protection for you and your family.

The Company

We build our company on public information and trust — your concerns are our concerns.

Our internal structure is dedicated to the design and production of the safest, strongest, and most reliable locking system on the market to date. We are determined on building the highest quality and most versatile security products possible. We all have a high regard for family values and a moral obligation to keep you and your families safe from unwanted intruders. Our goal is to provide you and your family the best security and peace of mind for the best price. 

Our Corporate Team

Randy Larson, Chief Financial Officer

Gary Ryan, President & CEO

Top center:
Alex Potter, Director of Marketing

Kuno Kurschner, Vice President

President and C.E.O. 

Gary Ryan is the inventor and founder of the SURE-LOCK Homes Defense System™. Gary was born in Seattle, Washington and moved to Canada at an early age. He owned and operated a successful carpentry contracting business from 1985 until 1999. During this period Gary became alarmed at the number of repairs resulting from break-ins Gary therefore, designed and patented a totally new security door locking device superior to anything found on the market today.  

A Message from Gary Ryan

"I invented this lock to protect people. My thoughts were with the
twelve year old girl or the eighty year old woman and every-one else from
being attacked in there own home. When I was in my youth we never heard
of forced entries, we seldom even locked our doors, but unfortunately life has
changed. We cannot stop violent behavior from happening, but we can slow it down.
This lock was designed to increase protection for you and the one's you love, so please use it.
Don't be a statistic of crime in your own home."

Thank you from all of us,
Gary Ryan and The Innovative Locking Team

We urge you to constantly review the safety and security of your home.

And remember, it's what's on the Inside that counts.

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