sure lock

Commercial Features of SureLock:

The main advantage of this lock is that it uses the floor as an anchoring point for its strength. Most locks on the market are attached to the door and the door jam. Direct impact will result in the doorframe splintering and the door lock to fail.

- Solid Stainless Steel Flush Bolt (Cain Bolt)

- SureLock, has been tested to withstand impacts of direct force greater than 5000 pounds. Under extensive testing SureLock withstood numerous smash impacts, leaving SureLock in perfect working order.

- SureLock cannot be jimmied, pried open, or picked.

- This door lock cannot be kicked in.
We cannot guarantee any door or doorframe, but we strongly believe that this door lock will not break.

- Easy to install to any door, (inward & outward swinging doors).

- SureLock comes completely assembled. Installation by a locksmith, carpenter, or do-it-yourselfers takes about 30 minutes and requires 6 screws to the door and 1 hole in the floor. For added strength, three inch screws are provided and are recommended to be installed in the door hinges.

- This lock is perfect for rear entry doors, basement doors, motor homes and outward swinging French doors.

- Complete installations available