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There are several products on the market today that will allow partial opening of your entry door to view visitor. 
There are also a few products that use the floor, as it's anchoring point.

However, there are no products that will provide the versatility, dependability, and overall strength that
SURE-LOCK will provide you and your family.

  • Lock integral to the door handle (twist or turn mechanism);

  • Dead bolt either integral to the door handle itself or a
    separate unit in addition to the door handle; and 

  • Chain lock or Slide bars - two piece lock system which attaches to the door and then to the adjacent doorjam. 

All three of the above door locks are attached to the door and to the adjacent doorframe. The doorframe is customarily made of wood, a soft material that cracks or splinters when a direct force is applied. 

The chain lock is the only one of the three locks which allows a partial opening of the door. Once the door is partially opened, the internal security of your premises is compromised. A minimal shoulder oR foot force against the door will result in the breakage of the chain lock and immediate access by the intruder.

To ILS's knowledge, there are few locks on the market that use the floor as an anchoring point and will allow the door to open partially. Examples include door wedges and door props.  ILS found major design flaws with these products, such as:

  • The locks are not permanently attached to the door, so there is a chance a child or someone else could misplace or lose them when you need them most.

  • To engage and disengage the locking mechanism, the person must bend down to the floor.  This makes it hard on the back and, as a result, the lock may not be used as much as needed.

  • No added structural strength to the door.

  • The products don't have any safety locks built in, therefore can be disengaged from the outside of the door.

  • The quality and appearance of these  products are extremely poor.

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SURE-LOCK Homes Defense System
Has many distinguishing attributes that no other locking device has:

It allows partial opening to view and speak with visitors while maintaining maximum security.

It indicates whether it is locked or unlocked.

It has a twist lock which will prevent opening from the outside.

It adds strength to the door itself.

Sure-Lock will provide maximum protection and security for you and your family.

It will also enhance the beauty of all your entry doors.