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What it is and How it Works

This product was designed to provide maximum protection. We have developed a new locking system which will allow an entry door partial opening to identify visitors with total confidence and security.
This lock can be attached firmly to the inside of almost any inward swinging door.

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There are two separate settings:

Setting 1 - The fixed position, a 5/8" stainless steel bar drops 1" directly into a floor plug increasing the strength of the door and existing door lock considerably.

Setting 2 - The opening position. The same steel rod is inserted into a separate floor plug approximately 4" from the door allowing the door to open and close approximately 1.5" to view and speak clearly to any visitor.

Advantages to SURE-LOCK

1. The main advantage of this lock is that it uses the floor as an anchoring point for its strength. Most locks on the market are attached to the door and the door jam. A high percentage of door jams are constructed of wood which is an extremely soft material. All locks attached to wood door jams can be broken with minimal force. Direct impact will result in the door frame splintering and the screws being ripped out.

2. Due to its strength, the lock cannot be jimmied or pried open. All the working parts of this lock are on the inside of the door, so this door lock cannot be picked. Most importantly, this door lock cannot be kicked in. We cannot guarantee any door or door frame, but we strongly believe that this lock will not break before the door or door jam does.

3. Burglar alarms may deter intruders when you are not at home but they will not help when you are at home. This lock will stop an intruder and give you time to phone police.

4. The length of the lock will increase the strength of the door.

5. Locking and unlocking can be achieved easily without bending down.

6. The knob can be locked in position by turning clockwise preventing a possible intruder from lifting the lock out of position with a tool or bent wire.

7. The red cap on the top of the lock indicates locked or unlocked position.

8. This lock can come in almost any finish, the most popular are; solid brass (bright), and brushed stainless steel.

9. The remaining working components are high quality stainless steel and solid brass.

10. In Setting 2 the door can be left open about 1.5", this will allow ventilation with complete security.

11. In the open position one can view and speak clearly with all visitors. (Door viewers offer limited vision and muffled sound.)

12. This lock is easily installed and requires no maintenance after proper installation.

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The SURE-LOCK Homes Defense System™ is a door locking device which allows locking of a door in a fully closed or partially open position.  In both positions, a bolt assembly is secured to the door and into plugs installed in the floor.  The floor / door combination, along with the creative design of  SURE-LOCK, has been tested to withstand impacts of direct force greater than a human shoulder or kick can produce.  Under extensive testing SURE-LOCK withstood numerous smash impacts, which destroyed the integrity of the door and of the door jam, leaving  SURE-LOCK in a perfect working order.

SURE-LOCK comes completely assembled. Installation by a locksmith or a carpenter takes about 30 minutes and requires 6 screws to the door and 1 or 2 holes in the floor. For added strength, three, three inch screws are provided in the package and are recommended to be installed in the door hinges. Detailed instructions are provided with the packaging.

SURE-LOCK comes in two finishes - bright solid brass and satin chrome.  The main rod assembly is made of solid stainless steel. The product is extremely dependable, and is constructed from the highest quality materials and is precissioned machined.

The two main products are the:
1. SURE-LOCK Homes Defense System™
2. SURE-LOCK Flush Bolt System.

The SURE-LOCK Flush Bolt:

This product uses the floor as an anchoring point the same way as the standard Sure-Lock. Only a single bar drops from the door directly into a floor plug. This lock can be used for in-ward and out-ward swinging doors. This unit can stand alone or work in conjunction with Sure-Lock. It is ideal for double entry doors, back, side, or basement doors. It can also be used on French doors, motor homes and commercial exit doors where the door opens to the outside.

The flush bolt is pictured on the left door

The Flush Bolt

Setting # 1


Setting #2


"Open" 1.5" opening

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