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July 2, 2003

Dear Gary Ryan,

As a builder of million dollar homes on Vancouver's West Side, I have researced many locking systems to ensure the safety of a home and its inhabitants. I can personally testify that the Sure Lock Homes Defense System is the finest and the most encompassing safety locking system that can be installed in a home. It is far superior to the best deadbolt system on the market today. Having had two units installed in my own home, I know that my family feels more secure once the floor latch is bolted into place. I would strongly recommend it for every type of home.

Barry D. Hersh, President
B D H Executive Homes
Custom Homes of Distinction, Exclusively on the West Side
Vancouver, B.C

May 12, 2003

To whom it may concern,

Hello my name is Barry Cavanaugh, owner of Penta Homes Ltd -builders of high quality homes. Over the last 2 years I have used the Sure-Lock product extensively in over 50 homes. As a matter of fact, I highlight the lock to potential buyers as an added security benefit. I've had nothing but positive reactions to this lock and cannot begin to stress the amount of pleasure I have selling one of our homes with this lock installed - I think all homes should have one.
I 'm currently building new homes in a new subdivision in White Rock, B.C and I will not hesitate to install the Sure-Lock in every house I build.
Quite simply, I love the product and concept because of the added security it offers.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to installing our next shipment of Sure-Locks very soon.

Barry Cavanaugh
Penta Homes Ltd.

Penta Homes Suite 201-5631 No.3 Road, Richmond, B.C V6X 2C7

March 17, 2003

Dear Gary Ryan:

I am writing in regards to the recent purchase and installation of your "Sure-Lock" floor / door locking system. First, I would like to congratulate you on developing this lock, and second, I wish to thank you for the professional, efficient installation you provided us. As you may be aware, we called to inquire about this lock after reading several stories about your company in the local paper. It was refreshing to read about a local citizens crusade to help prevent the public from forced entry's and break-ins. I run a research company and from time to time we store sensitive information in our office. The added security that Sure-Lock is providing us is very gratifying.
We had the lock installed early last week and I have to tell you, this lock is pure ingenuity. Not only is it extremely simple to use, it actually works. Of course I had to make sure, so I had a few of the big guys around the neighbourhood give my door the test. No match, Sure-Lock was victorious. Mind you, the door itself was a little bruised up (as was there shoulders), but there was no way they were getting through my door with the Sure-Lock engaged.
Once again thank you for your courteous service and solid design in what I refer to as our "Home Security Blanket."
Best Regards,
Jamie Bobyk
Bobyk Research

November 11th, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Sure-Lock Homes Defense System

I am a police officer and have investigated numerous residential and commercial 'Break & Enter's' in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia over the past 30 years. The simplest and most frequent point of access is through an entry door. The technology of door construction and lock hardware has advanced over the years and in most cases is adequate to maintain a decent limitation of unauthorized entry .The use of alarm systems has also had an effect on these occurrences; however, with sufficient applied force to any door unauthorized entry might still be accomplished. Our community's fear of the recent phenomenon of 'home invasion style' unauthorized entry to occupied residences and businesses has emphasized the need for supplemental locking systems. Current supplemental locking systems and the visual access/identification options available can still leave the occupant(s) at risk.
Supplemental locking systems are often employed; in most cases they either eliminate the effectiveness of the primary door security lock system, or are not of sufficient design/construction to provide an adequate level of supplemental security.
A supplemental locking system that can provide an additional level of security along with the primary locking system will effectively reduce unauthorized access.
I have seen the effectiveness of the Sure-Lock Homes Defense System. It has two levels of additional security, first, providing a floor level supplement to a property installed door hinge and locking system; and second, allowing an occupant to identify and communicate with persons outside the door with 'door ajar' security.
I feel confident in installing this system on each of the four entry doors of my residence. Having recently completed renovations of our family home and in keeping with the 'craftsman style' of home, this locking system is of superior quality and is not visually detracting, while providing the effective supplemental level of security I would like for my family and property.
I have no hesitation in recommending this locking system as a supplement to any door with properly installed hinge and locking hardware. This product is well-designed, excellent quality of manufacture, is easily installed and readily operated by anyone, whether they are a child or senior citizen.

Yours truly, Nels J.
Vancouver, British Columbia.

Dear Sure-Lock;
I have just recently retired and I live alone. I spend a lot of time at home and I sometimes felt quite nerves, with crime the way it is these days. My son installed SURE-LOCK for me about three months ago and I really do feel safe and secure in my home. Thank you for giving me back the confidence and piece of mind I so desperately need at my age. I would recommend this lock to anyone, it is just fantastic.
Thank you.
Joanne, from Vancouver, B.C.

To the makers of Sure-Lock.

Thank you, since we have installed SURE-LOCK the whole family feels more secure especially at night. This is truly a great product. Our friends come over and the first thing they do is start playing with the lock, it's really quite funny. We have two teenage boys; they are supposed to be home buy 11pm they are never late because they can't sneak in any more, it's great. This is truly a wonderful product.

Best regards, Al, Barb & family. Surrey, B.C.

To whom it may concern;
My daughter is 18 years old and has just recently moved into her own apartment with a girlfriend. I was very reluctant about the whole thing until I heard about this lock of yours. I installed one as a house-warming gift; I can now sleep a whole lot better at night knowing she is safe, and she has admitted she sleeps better as well, knowing that SURE-LOCK is there. I have just recently installed two at our house as well.

Conroy, Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Mr. Ryan

I have been using SURE-LOCK in my home now for about six months. It's been the best investment I have ever made. I am a single mother with two children ages 7 and 14. I have just recently had one installed at my office because I find myself working late into the night. The kid's just love it and so do I. Thank you for coming up with such a brilliant invention.
Mrs. Chow 
Richmond, B.C.

April 5,2004

Dear Alex Potter,

I recently had a very traumatic home invasion experience. My wife and I left our house for app.45 mins. and during that time the front door was kicked in and we were robbed.

The items taken were very personal, jewelry, old coins and family heirlooms, items which can never be replaced. More importantly we were robbed of our sense of being safe in our own home.

When they kicked the dead bolt system on the door literally exploded the door jam and offered very little resistance to the intruders.

After this incident we felt very unsafe in our home, which led me to search the Internet for a safer door locking system. When I found the Sure Lock system I immediately ordered two locks. I installed the locks myself without any difficulty and I am extremely impressed with the quality and concept of this product.

Thanks to you and your Sure Lock defence system we feel safe at home again.
Thank you for your prompt service and follow up phone call.

Yours Truly
Bill Locke

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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